The Roots of the Rose

2012 marked the 5th year of existence for Lost Lyrics and to celebrate this anniversary we organized a 2-day Conference entitled: The Roots of the Rose. This conference explored what it means to build an alternative education movement from the ground up in Toronto.

The Conference encompassed a variety of strategies to build dialogue and engage ideas by proposing a holistic approach towards processes of learning. Similarly to Lost Lyrics programming, this conference brought together students and educators in a learning space that encouraged collaboration and creativity.


The Symposium

Workshops, panels and keynote speakers shaped the structure of the Saturday Symposium.  The experts of the day included Lost Lyrics’ major stakeholders – parents, students and special guest partners.  There were two keynote addresses by Dr. Lance McCready and Dr. Darrick Smith which occurred throughout the day addressing different areas of what it means to build an alternative education movement.

In between these keynotes, attendants selected various workshops, film screenings and panels to attend. The content of these spaces included topics such as: education as healing and reclamation, learning through movement and the body, de-schooling society and dismantling the teacher/student binary.

The conference addressed what education can look like within and outside of formal schooling structures as well as concepts of holistic education that address the mental, physical and spiritual needs of students.

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Darrick Smith Speaking at The Roots of the Rose Symposium

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