NatashaNatasha Daniel

Natasha Daniel’s influence is as wide as her journey. Whether through the rhymes of Hip Hop philosophers such as Nas or the images taken by Jamel Shabazz and other visual artists relaying their reality, Natasha shares a similar passion, the art of storytelling. Being a self-taught photographer, she is aware of the struggle and need to express one’s story. The essence of Natasha’s artistry is the blending of mediums. This includes co-starring, co-producing and co-playwrighting a HipHop theatre production, entitled 3 Dollars n’ 6 Dimes. Natasha has also recently become a student of contemporary dance and intends use this as yet another layer to the stories she will never stop telling.

Political passions allowed her to travel throughout Latin America and learn from communities, particularly youth-led movements concerning urban issues and Hip Hop culture. It is from these inspiring journeys and love for Hip Hop that Natasha became co-founder and Program Coordinator for Lost Lyrics.

Her interest in community organizing and own diasporic experience led her to the University of Toronto where she is currently studying Diaspora & Trans-national Studies. Natasha is continuously pushing the boundaries to forge her academic pursuits while mobilizing and documenting communities internationally and within Toronto, as well as the GTA. She has been teaching photography for the past two years and while working with the Dalit movement in Tumkur India, Natasha co-founded Kahaniya – Sisters Sharing Stories, an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to reviving the female voice through visual and performing arts.



Lost Lyrics Staff & Volunteers-4067Amanda Parris

Born in London, England, descending from Grenadian and Venezuelan ancestry and raised on the south side of Jane Street in Toronto, Canada, Amanda Parris is an artist, educator, scholar and producer.
Alongside her best friend Natasha Daniel, Amanda is the co-founder of the multi-award winning alternative education organization Lost Lyrics. Amanda also worked for a number of years first as the Outreach and Community Partnerships Coordinator and later as the Managing Director at the internationally renowned arts incubator The Remix Project. Her facilitation skills have led to hundreds of invitations to moderate panels and conduct workshops at schools, community centres, corporations and conferences around the world. Her curriculum work was recently published in the book Rhymes to Re-Education, the first ever Hip Hop Education resource guide created by the Ontario Ministry of Education.
Recipient of the William Waters Scholarship and the Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Amanda is in the midst of completing her M.A. Degree in the Sociology of Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.  After receiving the Michael Smith Foreign Study Bursary Amanda lived in NYC for six months conducting her thesis research as a Visiting Scholar at New York University under the host supervision of Dr. Pedro Noguera. She recently presented her research at The Power of the Arts Conference at Carelton University and the 2015 Hip Hop Literacies Conference at Ohio State University.


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