Core Programs






The Blueprint After-School Program:

 In the Blueprint After-School Program, we engage critical themes of fluctuating self- identity with students between the ages of 11-15 in the communities of Malvern and Jane-Finch. We have engaged themes such as sexuality, art as disruption, hood politics, global Hip Hop activism, the politics of drugs and the roots of beauty ideals.











Artistic Development:

In Artistic Development, students receive the opportunity to articulate the themes of the program through tangible artistic channels such as rap, recording, photography, film and visual arts. These sessions bring together both students from the Eastside of the city (Malvern) and the Westside of the city (Jane-Finch) each weekend to the downtown core.







Photo by Taiwo Bah

Photo by Taiwo Bah



The OG’s – Original Griots:

The Original Griots is an internship program for the older students of Lost Lyrics who have grown up with Lost Lyrics and are now interested in translating and expanding their knowledge into tangible skills. Internships are available as assistant facilitators, assistant designers, social media interns and curriculum development interns.



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