The Online Hustle

By Anelia Victor

Your network can be engulfed with your friends and family ‘re-sharing every bit of material you put out; they are providing you with the analytic but they aren’t your target audience. How can you tap into the network you need?

Re-evaluate your network

Who are you are following? What does your feed say to you? If you are witnessing that your feed is not conclusive to your field, start un-following people. You should be following people that provide valuable content and asset to you.

The Hustle

Now, this is where the research comes in. To gain access to the paradise of your ideal network, you’ve got to work for it.

1) Look for people or brands that have a significant amount of followers, likes, retweets or repost and learn from the content they are putting out.

2) Re-evaluate your content; is it getting you the attention you want? Is it content that your audience will talk about? If not, from the research you have collected from those popular play makers provide similar content. And, content that is specific to you.

3) Follow these play makers can lead you into the audience you want.

4) Understand which hashtag works best for you. This is a tricky area. When posting your content use some popular hashtags and create your own, so it gets connected back to you.

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