OG Snapshots: Thunderclaw

By Veronica Fredericks

The Original Griots is an internship program for the older students of Lost Lyrics who have grown up with Lost Lyrics. Our OG’s joined Lost Lyrics when they were ten, and now in their early adulthood, these young people are translating and expanding their knowledge into tangible skills.

The OG’s practice a range of different art forms from writing to fashion design to acting, and the list goes on.  Each month we will feature an OG from our program.

This week’s feature Original Griot is Thunderclaw Robinson.


The Living Thunder (is what he calls himself when no one is looking) Thunderclaw Robinson is a poet, actor, singer, martial artist, rapper, bare hand percussionist, musician and avid listener of things he wants to do but can’t really well, yet.


Why do I keep on hoping

Why do I find ways to destroy my self esteem instead of coping Emotionally DRAINED but my PIPES are all blocked up

Whats the difference between being held in ONE PLACE and being LOCKED UP”

11651202_863544793680624_184795529_nAttempts to recapture nostalgic childhood memories in poetry while also questioning the world around him. Often spends his performance time trying to scope out the cute girls in the crowd that he doesn’t have confidence to talk to while distracting the audience with fire and bars.


“Im a Certified Dreamer, thats why im still asleep But I haven’t gotten paid a single day of this week I never do my job right, thats why im getting weak And I forget who I am everytime I fall asleep Im still asleep”

Promises you he wont lie and neither will his hips. Romance, laughter, anime, movie and video game battle themes and hope to make you feel some type of way with his words. And believe it or not, his name does not have any affiliation with “Thundercats.”

To book a performance or other inquiries for Thunderclaw Robinson:

Facebook: Thunderclaw Robinson Twitter: @DTStrugglez_2 Instagram: iwishmyhipswouldlie




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